Why Choose Heaven's Hands?
Heaven’s Hands offers a spa atmosphere without the spa price. Why pay more for your massage when you can pay less without sacrificing the quality of service? Heaven’s Hands is a healing and safe environment for you, which will allow you to experience the tremendous benefits of therapeutic touch.
Why Receive a Massage?
Massage is a wonderful tool for improving health and vitality. It is the systematic or mechanical manipulation of the soft tissue of the body for therapeutic purposes such as promoting circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, relaxation of muscles, improving joint mobility and enhancing tissue elasticity, relief from pain and stress, restoration of metabolic balance, and other benefits, both physical and emotional. It improves immune system functioning and energy flow.
Who Needs a Massage?
Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, teachers, health care professionals of all kinds, construction workers, postal workers, plumbers, electricians, painters, professional athletes, dancers, people who are at a computer all day, truck drivers and traveling business personnel.
Heaven's Hands Mission Statement
Heaven’s hands provides massage therapy with a healing touch and a safe environment. Being a massage therapist is more than giving a good back rub, it is listening to you and your muscles. We feel every “body” is unique and tells its own story. We aid in helping the body through the incredible power of therapeutic touch.