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"Our employees are extremely happy with the massage they get from Robyn. She creates a relaxing atmosphere and listens intently to each employee while she massages their upper back and shoulders."

Heidi Burdick
Corporate Chair Massage Client

"Robyn is the reason I get through my work weeks! It doesn't matter how much stuff can pile up on my desk, a quick 10 or 15 minutes with Robyn and I am good to go! Not only does she remove any aches or pains, she also explains what I can do on my own to ensure those don't happen anymore. She is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her skills truly are heavenly! I often stop to look at the doorway before entering her massage room, wondering if this is what The Pearly Gates look like. I would recommend Robyn to anyone, whether seeking medical massages or just a nice relaxation."

Kyle Adams
Corporate Chair Massage Client

"Robyn truly has a gift! It is amazing what a 15-20 minute massage can do for productivity and the work environment. Our employees simply love Robyn. I highly recommend her to come to your company, and have you and your employees enjoy the many benefits!"

Paul Jaramillo
Corporate Chair Massage Client

"Hi my name is Christy Baldwin and I have had a massage given by Robyn, she has heavenly hands that can find any trigger point that you have in your body!! She is magic and can melt those knots down and make you feel very good! She is a very qualified therapist and has great energy to share with those who get a massage from her. Speaking as massage therapist myself I would say that she is one of the best out there and she is always present and very professional and kind! Thanks Robyn."

Christy Baldwin
Massage Client

"A surprise from my husband, the massage I received from Robyn was healing and soothing and having her come to my home made it that much more serene! Thank you Robyn!"

Andrea Loucel
Massage Client

"I have been a client of Robyn’s from day one, and whole-heartedly recommend her services. Robyn provides a wonderful massage with the perfect touch! My daughter agrees, as well as five sisters’ who have all enjoyed her services. My employer provides bi-weekly chair massages by Robyn which is a wonderful bonus for me – all employers should consider this as a special thank-you for their hard-working employees! Thanks, Robyn."

Trudy Dalton
Massage Client

"As the fitness coordinator for 1800Contacts, I was given the task of finding a massage therapist to come to our facility on a bi-weekly basis. I had several therapists come in and we had our employees receive massages and judge which ones they liked the best. Robyn was deemed the best in every aspect. Our employees made comments such as;

"She was great. I was impressed with not only her performance, but her knowledge of why she was doing what she was. She relieved some pains in my back that I have had for a long time."

"I thought that she was very nice and helpful. She targeted areas that were really sore and explained what she was doing and why she was doing it. She was very professional."

She has been coming to our facility for a year now, and we would have some serious opposition from our employees if she were to stop coming. From my personal experience, she has always been able to relieve problem areas for me. She is great at what she does, and as a certified personal trainer I can verify that she knows her anatomy. I would recommend her to people of any age and body type."

Jared P. Hansen
Corporate Chair Massage Client